Colour Finishes

Stain colours:

These stain colours can be applied to different wood-types such as:
Okume, Mahogany, Oak, Saligna

redstain-12 redstain-14 redstain-16 redstain-18

brownstain2 brownstain4 brownstain6 brownstain8

(From left to right: Red Stain 12, 14, 16, 18 followed by Brown Stain 2, 4, 6, 8)

Duco colours:

These duco colours can be applied on any MDF-product

swatches_01 swatches_15 swatches_29

swatches_43 swatches_57 swatches_71



Can be applied to any wood but especially to Oak and Ash

swatches_03 swatches_17 swatches_31

swatches_45 swatches_59 swatches_33

swatches_47 swatches_61 swatches_75


Paint technique:

Smooth finish on MDF with 5 paint layers in total

swatches_49 swatches_63 swatches_77


Please feel free to ask for any other colour or material that is not displayed here.
Do not hesitate to bring your own sample to be matched accordingly.